My 99 Cent Sale

the heretic_proof1In the past 18 months since I started my indie author enterprise, I have experimented with lots of ways to get readers’ attention. After all the contests and advertising and promotions, I have come to the conclusion that the bottom line for selling books online is in reviews. How does one get reviews? You get them by getting your books into the hands of those who might write those reviews, and then you pray that in an act of kindness they will take the time to write how good–or bad–your book really was.

And so with that in mind, I have decided that for the new few weeks–I don’t know how long exactly–I will make all of my ebooks available on Amazon, Smashwords and all of the other outlets for $.99. Now I am doing OK right now with selling books, but I know I would do better if more people just knew about me. My hope is that the fact that my books are available for $.99 will entice more readers to take a chance with my writing. Time will tell.

Infinity's reach final ebookOh, and my son Matt and I are working on a new video trailer for Infinity’s Reach. I think it’s the best one we have done. I’ll let you know when it is available for viewing.

In the meantime, I just released my newest book, The Heretic, out in ebook form on Amazon and on Smashwords. It is the second in the trilogy I have in mind for this summer. The third book, Elijah, is scheduled to release sometime next month. A lot of when it is released depends on my ability to get it edited–so we will see.

So go take advantage of my 99 cent sale. I am getting good reviews on all of my books–just not enough of them. Hopefully this will help with that.

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