Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

the heretic_proof1I’m my own worst enemy.

It’s been a busy few days, with the whole family traveling up to Oklahoma for a reunion. Now it’s just Gavin, my grandson, our three dogs and me. Shelly and my kids drove off to Jefferson to get my daughter moved into a new house. Those of us who stayed home are sitting on the back deck, enjoying the cool morning weather and letting Gavin play in his sandbox. It gives me a chance to catch up on my blog and on much-needed editing.

We got back from Oklahoma on Sunday and I discovered that my page proof for The Heretic had arrived from Create Space. I am definitely old school when it comes to editing. I made the mistake of hurrying the e-book version of The Heretic, and as a reader pointed out, there were quite a few typos that I had overlooked. So I spent yesterday and this morning doing another read of the book, courtesy of the new paperback proof. For some reason, it’s lots easier for me to see errors when they are on paper rather than on a computer screen.

elijah_proof5In the meantime, my 99 cent sale continues. The first few days, my ranking soared as people realized they could get any of my e-books for 99 cents. On Sunday it dropped like a stone, and I don’t know why, other than maybe people were at church or don’t buy stuff on Sunday. Then yesterday and today it has been climbing again. I don’t know if the 99 cent deal will end up being profitable financially, but at least I am getting my books and my name out there. I decided that the 99 cent sale will continue until July 5, when I plan on launching Elijah, the last in the series.

And I am getting good reviews. An author, especially an independent author, can never have enough reviews. And even though the reviews are all four or five stars, I would love to see five or ten reviews where there are one or two. I gave away some paperbacks this weekend, so let’s see if any reviews come out of that.

In any case, if you haven’t heard about the 99 cent sale, make sure you take advantage of it during June. If you have heard of it and gotten the books, I would sure appreciate a review.

Much obliged.