Last Gasp of Summer

First, the good news. I am slowly getting better after suffering my concussion Tuesday night. The headaches, soreness and dizziness are still there, but are a lot more manageable than they have been in the past few days. I suspect that by the time I go to the office on Monday, I will be back to normal.

And that’s the rest of the news. Monday starts the mania that is preregistration meetings, one or two a day every day until school starts. Monday I have Southwestern Spirit planning session, then we have Website Services Committee, followed by Colloquium.  When meetings are done, we will be well into registration and then classes.

And knowing that today was the last quiet moment I will have until probably Thanksgiving, I am taking advantage of it…by doing nothing. I’ve got the excuse of my injury. In addition, my daughter Melissa leaves for Jefferson Academy and her teaching job on Sunday, so today will be my last time to spend any time with her.

Come next week, I will be back into my regular structure, which isn’t a bad thing. I tend to get blogs written easier during school months, and I am very close to being ready to release another book, this one an anthology of short stories. So that will be happening soon.

I got a lot done this summer–four books launched, several short stories written, our dining room, bathroom and back deck painted, kitchen floor partially done–so I am not complaining. I guess I am ready for summer to be over.

I just want to hang on to today for as long as I can.