One Mind, Many Options

I’m one of those guys who has more ideas than he has time to exploit those ideas. Retirement is coming one of these days, and my hope is that I will finally take the time to turn these kernels of stories into fully fledged novels.

In the meantime, I came across the idea of writing short stories based on my novel ideas. The intent was to put something down that I could refer to later, when it was time to write the book. And if the story didn’t pan out, well, at least I didn’t waste several hundred pages discovering it.

What I didn’t consider was that each of these short stories would come alive in my head. Now that I am at the point of wanting to start another book, I have six possible stories vying for my attention. Just about the time I decide to work on one, I start to daydream and fantasize (yes, I fantasize) about another one. It’s like a kid trying to decide which dessert to choose–cake, cobbler, or ice cream? But in my case, I can’t pile all of them on top of each other and pig out.

I think what I am going to do is choose the one which will be easiest and quickest to write, go ahead and storm ahead, and then see where that takes me. At least that’s my plan at the present. We will see what happens.

One thought on “One Mind, Many Options

  1. I completely understand how that feels. There’s a reason that at one point one of my bookshelves was so overloaded with notebooks full of half-baked stories that the shelf bent in the middle. Looking forward to seeing which story you decide to take on next.

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