Back In the Saddle…I Think

There was a day when I could study for classes, read a book, listen to music, carry on a conversation and watch TV…all at the same time. But as I steadily become longer in the tooth, I find it harder to concentrate on things creative when other stuff is going on in my life.

I had planned, as always, to get at least some writing done during Christmas break, but you know what they say the road to hell is paved with….Instead, I spent some quality time finishing up the five-month project of remodeling my wife’s kitchen, then entertaining family while they were here. And oh, I got to level 84 in Lord of the Rings Online. That’s just so you will know that the time was spent wisely.

But here I am, in the week before classes start. I am in my office, not stressed in the least, but knowing that a reality check is in progress. Family has gone their way, wife is back in her job, kitchen is finished. And I am committed to spending time in the office this week in anticipation of classes. In all of that, maybe I will get some writing done  as well.

Champion4 ebookI completed and published five books in 2013, three of which were a trilogy that I have been working on. The Champion trilogy continues to get better reviews than any other project that I have submitted, but there still aren’t enough people who know about it. That, I know, will continue to be my challenge in days to come. I know how to write books. I am still a student when it comes to learning how to promote those books.

Since the arrival of The Champion, I have been spinning my wheels as to what my next project will be. And depending on when you talk to me, my answer will change. My latest decision is that I should complete a project that is already outlined, one that shouldn’t be too hard to complete. I have other projects also begging for my attention, but I need one that I can complete relatively quickly so that I can get back in the rhythm of things. I’ll keep you posted.

So, even though I have been amiss in blogging for a couple of weeks, I hope to make up for it this week. Time will tell.

And oh, by the way, Happy 2014 to you! May it be your best year yet!