Baby Steps

For those who have been reading my blog on a regular basis, you probably know that I have been struggling with a form of writer’s block. I have said many times that the way to deal with writer’s block is to recharge your batteries by reading and watching movies, always watching for technique and ideas. In addition, it helps to get away from your work for a while, let your subconscious do the work and cut yourself some slack.

Well, I have been doing that, but as my father used to say, “We’re burning daylight!” I am eager to get back to creative writing. A lot of my problem is (and always seems to be) the use of my brain for other creative endeavors, such as writing for the University’s marketing department or working on my wife’s kitchen. And in my case, it doesn’t help to have company in our home. But those are just excuses, and being human, I am always looking for excuses.

Another reason why I have dropped the ball is because I have multiple story possibilities and have yet to find inspiration for any of them. That really sucks when you are writing for fun, which is my main justification for writing these days. But I think I may have found an answer.

The student creative writing club I am sponsor for, the Rough Writers, have been working on a world building project all school year. We are finally at the point with our world, Cartref, that we are ready to start writing stories based on the world and races that we have created. And I think I have found a story.

It is always exciting to me to finally be able to see a project in my head. It’s cool to once again have that urge to write, to take something that only exists in my head and put it on the Web (and in my files) for others to see and experience. Writers, in a lot of ways, get to experience god-like abilities. There was nothing, and poof! something, a person, an idea, even a world now exists.

More than once I have been so enamored by an idea that I felt a bit of intimidation by it, feeling that my writing may not be a match for the quality of my idea. And the story never comes out the way I had planned it. But until it is on paper (sorry, archaic term), it doesn’t really exist.

And so the next step is just writing it.

3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Really wish I was still part of Rough Writers. I miss having people around that encourage, support, discuss each other’s writing, and just have a great time at it.

  2. Rough writers, what a great name. Good luck with the new project, interesting concept, to build a world as a group then write individual stories within it. Very clever. Whatever gets the words out.

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