Sometimes writing is the greatest pastime you can have. Sometimes it is just work.

This week is shaping up to be the latter. It’s spring break, and the indication is to be a slacker because, after all, my day job of being in the classroom isn’t happening. But I have another job, that of editor of my university’s alumni magazine.

After six years, this is the last issue where I will serve as editor. And it appears I will be going out with a bang. Last week I conducted five interviews, and I am still in the process of transcribing those interviews–not my most favorite thing to do. I have four done at present and will try to finish the fifth today. Then I have to turn those notes into one 2,500-word story. Slogtime.

In addition, I have three students writing for me. Two are writing 2,500-word articles, and one is writing a 1,500-word article. Two of the stories have been turned in half the length they need to be, the other is OK. So I am working with them to help them realize that a magazine article MUST be the length that was called for; otherwise we have empty pages.

Finally, I am still waiting for our University President to write his article, which is due today.

So I anticipate not getting a lot of kickback time this week. I will take breaks, but not too many.