Sharing the Wealth

I feel guilty if I am not making progress of some sort or another. Yes, it’s summer, and as a college professor I am entitled to get away from “work” in one way or another. But since the highlight of our summer will probably be my wife’s surgery, we’re not likely to go anywhere. Meanwhile, I am free to feed my addiction: writing.

I have three writing projects chalked in for this summer.

1. Chosen. This is the story of David and Jonathan from the Bible, expanded beyond just the story that the Bible tells. Much of it is told from the perspective of Ziba, Jonathan’s bodyguard and childhood friend; Mara, a girl from Jabesh-Gilead who becomes a part of the royal household, and Saul, which gives me an opportunity to explore his complicated character. This project is in the works, which loosely means I am looking for inspiration and some quiet time to get the ball rolling again.

2. A Hole In the Sky and Other Stories. This is my third collection of short stories, which I usually provide free through Smashwords. The only thing holding this anthology up is me completing the story that the collection is named after. Sooon, I promise.

3. Write Thinking: Psychology for the Productive Indie Author. This is my latest brainchild, and is based on the more than 300 blog entries on writing that I have penned right here over the past five years. I won’t be curing cancer or sending a rocket to Mars, but I think I have some good information to share. And I don’t plan on making it expensive. Categories include Dealing with Criticism, Fear, Motivation, Procrastination, Vulnerability, Writer’s Block and Creativity. Look for it soon.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure I would have enough information in some of those categories, but after going through them this morning, I was pleasantly surprised.

In any case, I will let you know when my brainstorms turn into rain….