Good News

Well, I have a couple of bits of good news that I would like to share today. Actually three.

After three weeks of just trying to get started on a new school year, I am back to working on my new book about Jonathan. I am using the working title Chosen, but I am not married to the idea, and am even thinking of the title First Prince. As we get closer to the end, I will probably have a contest to give you the opportunity for some input. Right now, I will be starting on Chapter 10 today, which is basically about halfway.

Jonathan_Warns_by_eikonikIn other news–probably the biggest news–I have secured my artwork for the new book. And I think it’s great. The artwork is by the great Christian artist Joseph Goode, and I am happy he is willing to work with me. It’s probably best if I hold off on showing you what it looks like….naah, here it is:

Finally, I am getting people interested in my new newsletter, in which I will share news about the Indie Christian genre, as well as give people opportunity to win prizes, and a heads up on my books. That means that I need to find the time to write it. Most likely today. If you are interested in what I am doing, beyond what you’re learning here, make sure you sign up for the newsletter, either in the header above this blog, or in the sidebar.

More later.