That Perfect Moment

There are moments, events that stick with you. Moments that you will never forget, that you can remember as if they had just happened. I remember holding my son for the first time. I remember giving my daughter her first bath. I remember giving my wife our first kiss.

I know I talk about how having someone read what you write is more important than making money by writing. But there is another important motivation. It’s that perfect moment when you are able to create a scene that is absolutely perfect. It’s a moment when you sit back after you’ve written and just smile to yourself. They don’t come often, but when they do, they are well worth the wait.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t hard work involved in being a father, or a husband, or a writer. You have to invest time, energy and effort in each of them. For every moment of ecstasy in writing, there are a hundred moments of just plain tedium. Those moments are necessary, and you have to accept them. You have to want it–and you have to know what it is you want.

If you are a creative person, you seek that perfect moment. You seek to create something new, original, exciting.  It’s when you stand on the stage, step into the spotlight and open your mouth to sing. It’s when you make yourself vulnerable and find out that vulnerability isn’t always a bad thing. For by being vulnerable, we let others see the real us. And it’s then that others can learn to accept us the way we are.

Those of us who are creative don’t have any choice. We do what is a part of us. But there is reward in it for us, even if nobody else ever sees it.