Review: “Destroyermen: Crusade” by Taylor Anderson

crusade11Here’s my review in a nutshell: More of the same.

If you’re like me and like alternate history/military sci-fi stories, and if you happened to pick up Into the Storm, the first book in the Destroyermen series after my review, then the news that this is more of the same should be good news.

Crusade continues where Into the Storm left off, with two (yes two) ancient U.S. destroyers from 1942 transported to an alien version of earth, complete with dinosaurs, monstrous carnivorous fish, one alien lizard-like race that wants to eat everyone, and another lemurian race that wants to be friends. The lizard race, referred to as the Grik, have pretty much taken over the Indian Ocean and are ready to expand into the islands of Indonesia. Only the lemurs and the two beaten-up destroyers and their crew can stop them. Oh, and this time there’s a twist: the Japanese cruiser that had almost sunk the two destroyers has appeared as well–on the lizard’s side.

The hesitation I had with the first book, the author’s bad habit of switching viewpoint often, continues here. But it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this series. If you like World War II naval fiction, aliens and exciting writing, this is for you.

I give it four and a half stars our of five.