Torn Between Two Lovers

It’s interesting the relationship authors have with their books.

I’ve heard it described this way: First a book is a lover, then a bride, then a wife, then a demanding wife, and finally a harpy that you wish would just die. A bit morbid, but that just about covers the gamut of the emotions one feels during the author experience. There are times when you feel you’re meeting someone for the very first time that shows promise; someone you might be able to fall in love with. When things are going well, you feel your work is being rewarded. And then there are the days that you realize you are married, but you have a hard time remembering why.

I’m not even at the falling in love stage.

I have two possible suitors. I have a somewhat sedate story that is a spin-off of my popular Champion series. It features Taupe, the Mohawk-haired teenage girl that joins the Heretics in the last book, and the challenges she faces after the last book in the Trilogy. It has potential, but also a lot of blemishes at this point. I am still trying to decide if I love it enough to pursue it.

Then there is the wild story with lots of potential that I would love to fall in love with. It’s tentative called “Deal with the Devil.” It’s one of those secular stories, but with a spiritual theme. Most of the time when I try to describe it to someone, something is lost in the translation. I see it in my head; I see the girlfriend for the potential that no one else can see. But until I am able to deliver, no will ever recognize or appreciate her.

Most authors know the stage I’m going through. It’s after the planning and before the writing. Only the author knows when to make the transition. I am in awe and yet shake my head at those authors who end one book on Monday and start on the next on Tuesday. That’s never worked for me. I’m caught in the wilderness between home and the promised land.

I just have to decide which path to take, then take that first step.

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  1. Ha….I have heard it described like a pregnancy, from (exciting)? conception, morning sickness, growing bump, aching legs, bad back, and so on until the pain of birth…..and then loving it once more…sort of thing! Just saying.

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