Thoughts from the Hallway

LOL. I finally have time to think.

Spring Break is upon us–and by us I mean students and faculty at our school–and it’s just in time. Everyone I know is welcome for the break, but we are also thinking about the mound of work that we are leaving behind, and which will be even larger when we get back. All I know from experience is that the six weeks of school after Spring Break and before summer officially starts goes by very, very fast.

And as my Daddy used to say, the day that you finish your to-do list is the day you die.

At this point, I have to apologize for not having added an entry here for quite a while. But the preceding should explain stuff.

I won’t go into the gory details, but I am glad for the break, even if I have a list of goals for the next week. But mixed in with the mundane (i.e. taxes) is a few fun things, such as writing. Yes, boys and girls, despite my constant talking about it and my list of excuses, I am actually putting words on paper. Well, on the computer screen at least.

Celeste and I continue working on Salome’s Charger, and even though we have had a few hiccups, it is progressing nicely. As I say with all of my books, I believe this is the best work I have ever written. On the other hand, maybe I should raise my standards….

I describe the story as Indiana Jones meets the Maltese Falcon, if you catch my drift. It starts off with the beheading of John the Baptist, focusing on the charger (platter) that held the severed head of John the Baptist. Jump to modern day, and after it being discovered by an archeologist, it becomes the center of a cat-and-mouse game involving a reporter, a antique dealer, a professor, an evil cult and a “collector” with a reputation of killing anyone who gets in his way. And of course, there is the spiritual angle as well. Like I said, it’s coming along well. The hiccups I talk about are simply what happens when you combine two established authors to work on one manuscript, with each bring their own foibles and ideosyncracies.

But I am learning a lot as well, something I always enjoy. Even though Celeste does things slightly differently, that’s actually a plus. I think my work habits and the manuscript itself will be stronger because of the partnership. And hey, I get another title under my belt in the process. Of course, it’s just half a title. I’ve been thinking about that. When we’re done, when people ask how many books I have written, I will have to tell them “Nineteen and a half.”

I will try to post more in the next week, but when school starts up again, I can’t make any promises.