The Surgery Was A Success, But the Patient Died

Well, he’s not dead yet…to quote Monty Python.

But the woes, travails and trivia surrounding my MacBook Pro continue to amaze and confound me. Maybe I’m being too much of a stick in the mud. Maybe I’m spoiled. But I miss my laptop. It was set up just the way I wanted it. Even the keyboard keys were worn in relation to where my fingers are (if that makes sense), with extra wear on the S button (for save? Maybe I just write a lot of words with the letter S).

I know the IT department here is getting tired of me. I spent part of afternoon over there, then time between classes this morning in there as well. They tell me they have it fixed, then no. Yes? No. Yes? Their last words: “I wish I had better news for you.” Not very reassuring.

They temporarily set me up with a PC (ugh!), but didn’t set it up for my printer, it couldn’t be used for display in the classroom, and I couldn’t access my files on the university server. I do content providing for the university website, but it wouldn’t give me access. My complaining led to them fixing those problems. Then I discovered yesterday that it didn’t have Photoshop on it. Right now, I have a PC on my desk with a Mac temporarily borrowed from our TV station sitting across from it. Why? Because it has Photoshop.

But probably the biggest complaint I have is the keyboard. I write a lot, and I write fast. But a PC keyboard is not a Mac keyboard, and vice versa. It’s a bit frustrating to write several lines of type, only to discover that your fingers have been on the wrong keys the whole time.

Sigh. Yes, I know. I am ranting. But I feel like I need to rant. Please forgive me.

“Help me, Obi-Wan. You’re my only hope…”