And Then There Was Confetti

Day Three of vacation. At home in Texas, the rain continues to fall. Here in Lodi, California, the drought continues.

For us visitors, the weather has been very kind. Yesterday was 91 degrees. The locals were complaining about the heat, but for us who are used to humidity, it felt like 80. Feels pretty nice here. A week from now, is predicting temperatures close to 100 in Oroville, CA where we’re headed next. But by that time, we will be in Monterey, where it’s supposed to be in the 60s. So much for all the shorts we packed.

This weekend was spent attending all the high school graduation programs for our niece. Today was commencement. When we got to the gymnasium, they handed out these large cardboard tubes. If you’ve ever used stringed poppers at New Year’s, these are the gargantuan equivalents of those. They are about three feet long and three inches wide. The officials instructed us to not trigger the poppers until the graduating class was introduced. The program took place, the diploma (covers) were handed out, and then they introduced Lodi Academy’s newest alumni, the 2015 graduating class.

Then we all popped our tubes. I underestimated both how much would be shot and how much of a kick the poppers would have. Apparently one of the Lodi Academy alums from 30 years ago owns the company that makes these poppers. All I know is when everyone popped their tubes, the air in the gym was absolutely filled with confetti. A few held their tubes until the graduates marched out, and there was still confetti flying for several minutes. I saw confetti hanging from the florescent lamps high above our heads, and it was in everyone’s hair. When we filed out of our row, confetti was wrapped around our ankles and attached to our shoes. Many hours later, Shelly and I are still picking out confetti from our clothes and other unmentionable places as well.

Graduation programs are memorable events for the graduates, not because anyone remembers anything that was said by the speaker, or who wore what or who took pictures. They are remembered for things like confetti, who kissed who, and what the day signified in their lives.

So here’s to you, Class of 2015. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make the most of it.