Now Comes the Hard Part

Celeste and I officially completed the first draft of Salome’s Charger on Sunday. Yay! Woot! I find more joy and satisfaction out of the initial development of a story than anytime else. Well, let me correct that. I get more joy and satisfaction out of people reading my story than any other time.

That, ladies and gents, is why we edit. It’s why we pay money for a great (not just good) cover, why we make sure our formatting is accurate, user friendly and appropriate, why we market the dickens out of our book.

As I’ve said before, getting paid isn’t as important as getting people to read the book. That’s the bottom line for me.

And so I have started my go at the editing. I’m currently on Chapter 2. Ezra and Stevie have been introduced, readers have learned about the charger, and we’ve given readers an indication of just how bad those bad guys really are. Celeste are hashing out style issues, and details such as whether it’s The Commander or just the Commander. Those things may seem small, but if we’re inconsistent throughout the book, it’s going to annoy you, the reader. And when a reader is annoyed, he or she often stops being the reader. And we can’t have that. We need you.

We have a couple of beta readers going through the manuscript. We have a world-class designer building our cover for us. We’re marketing in as many ways as we can think of.

The rubber meets the road on September 1. That’s when we will unveil Salome’s Charger, and that’s when you, we hope, will start reading our book.