Miss Me?

Sorry, I have been somewhat scarce the past few days. I am working with my fellow author, Celeste Perrino-Walker, in the editing process for our upcoming Christian suspense novel, Salome’s Charger, which will appear on virtual bookshelves September 1. Writing is hard work, and editing…is harder work. Some people love it, and I have made a career of it. But when it comes to editing my own stuff, I’d just as soon let someone else do it.

Infinity's reach final ebookBut Salome’s Charger is an exciting project, and we are both eager to get it out of our hands and into yours. I’m so eager that I’m continuing to give autographed books away, every Friday until Sept. 1. I’ve already given away a copy of If Tomorrow Comes and Not My Son, Lord. This week’s selection is Infinity’s Reach. I’ll be doing the drawing for an autographed copy on Friday, July 17. Here’s the description from Amazon:

Life was pretty simple for Infinity Richards as a teenager in a private school in Baltimore. Then she woke up to discover that she’d spent the past two years in a prison camp. Now she and her friends are faced with a trek across a forbidding landscape scarred by a surprise nuclear attack on the United States. Their journey will lead them past hot zones, warlords, “crazies,” occupying Coalition forces and an assortment of allies and foes. It may take her years to get to Camp Zion in the West where her father is reorganizing American forces to take back their country. But in the meantime, her journey across apocalyptic America will turn her into someone stronger, smarter and more courageous than she ever imagined she would be. More than three centuries ago, John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress, second only to the Bible in readership. Now Infinity’s Reach revisits the challenges and lessons of the original Pilgrim’s Progress in a totally new and exciting setting.

If you’re interested in getting into the drawing on Friday, sign up on the sidebar here. And again, if you’re already signed up, you’ll be in this week’s drawing (unless you’ve already won).

More later. Back to editing.