Giveaway #4 This Friday: “Chosen”

chosen 400Hey, I’m having fun. And from the reactions of those who are winning free autographed books, you guys are too. So let’s keep doing it. Our 60 Days of Giveaways continues with a giveaway this Friday (July 24). It will be an autographed copy of Chosen, my new story of Jonathan, the first prince of Israel. Here’s the Amazon description:

Destiny calls. But it is not what he expects.

It is a time of upheaval. Surrounded on all sides by enemies, the people of Israel call for a king, even though God has promised to protect them without one. Saul, son of Kish, is chosen as Israel’s first king, and with him comes his son, Jonathan, as crown prince.

An honest, God-fearing, courageous man, Jonathan is the first prince of Israel. But he is not destined to be king. Instead, because of his father’s actions, Jonathan will die on the battlefield, surrounded by his family. And a “man after God’s own heart”—David, son of Jesse—will take Saul’s place on the throne.

This is the story of a man of God and how his Creator used him for good, even as he is overshadowed by his best friend.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is add your name to the list of those in the drawing. That also lets you join my new Readers Club, which will keep you informed on new books, events, discounts and contests. See the sidebar for more info.

60 Days of Giveaways is in celebration of our launch of Salome’s Charger on September 1. Watch for more details.