Manly Things

Today I broke a sledgehammer handle in half. I also smashed a cast-iron tub into pieces.

I’m doing manly things.

Be aware, my day job isn’t that manly. I mainly shuffle papers, type on a computer when I’m not waxing oh-so eloquently in the classroom to bored students. But once in a while a guys got to tear stuff up.

A lot of what I’ve torn up in the past few weeks has been my back. But it’s been worth it.

There’s something about doing stuff around the house, with the car, in the yard, that gets my alpha dog going. And when you’re a puppy most of the time, once in a while you’ve got to let the big dog off the porch.

And so, I’m renovating our bathroom. Mind you, the renovation wasn’t my idea, but I don’t mind a bit. Summer is sweat time here it Texas, and so I am ready to let it come.

* * *

And on a more serious note, I want to just remind you that Friday we’ll be drawing for our autographed copy of Chosen. If you want to get in on the drawing, see the sidebar. Time’s a wastin’!