Two More Days, Two Lucky People

Friday is the day I will announce the winners of our next drawing, when two winners will receive ARC advance copies of Salome’s Charger, the new Christian suspense novel I have been going on and on about for so long. Why do I keep talk about this book? Well for one reason, I was one of the two authors along with Celeste Perrino-Walker. And for another, it’s good, really good. We’ve finished up all of the editing, and we are days away from sharing it with the world. We have a cover. And hopefully we have an audience. So who wants to read it?

But this drawing is just the start. Next Monday we will reveal the cover to Reader’s Club members. Others will see it later, but Reader’s Club Members will see it first, perhaps a week before everyone else.

The Reader’s Club is going to be really cool. Those who join my Reader’s Club not only will get in on the drawing, they will be eligible for an additional daily drawing the last week of August for stuff like pens, Amazon gift certificates and things I haven’t even thought of. I’m going to have discounts that only my Reader’s Club members will know about, and even free books down the road. Hey, free stuff. How can you beat that?

Two more days until the drawing. But the free stuff, the fun stuff doesn’t stop there. Join the Club.