Boy, Did You Miss Out!

In about one hour’s time, those who entered their names into the drawing in the past few weeks and were therefore considered one of those elite class members called my Reader’s Club will be the first Humans on Earth to see the new cover of Salome’s Charger. The rest of you will be able to see it here on August 25, a week before its official launch on September 1. Too bad, so sad. But in the immortal words of Bilbo Baggins, we warned ye….

Friday I had the inimitable (boy, that’s a fun word) joy of handing out two advanced ebook copies of Salome’s Charger to two Reader’s Club members who were chosen at random. Right now I suspect they are gleefully browsing through the pages and wondering how Ezra knows so many scriptures and Stevie knows so many karate moves. And all they had to do was add their email address to the sidebar here on this website and push send. But wait. That’s not all.

the heretic_front onlyThis isn’t a one trick pony. I like fun. So let’s keep it going. The next fun thing I want to do is this. I have this series called The Champion, perhaps you’ve heard of it. If you have, you know it’s been pretty popular. If you haven’t, you’ll want to look it up. I plan on giving away, not one, not two, but ALL THREE books in the series…as a set…AUTOGRAPHED…to one lucky Reader’s Club winner on Friday, August 21. Think that will gather some interest? If so, tell your friends. Let’s get our club numbers growing!

elijah front onlyAfter that, let’s do a full week of giveaways. August 24 to 28 I will do a Giveaway each day that week. One giveaway each day. But everyone needs to understand: you have to be a Reader’s Club member to enter the drawing. So tell your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends! This is going to be fun!!