Plumber’s Pity

It’s wasn’t too long ago that I showed a photo here of my bathroom with a hole in the floor. It was a story of me tearing out a cast-iron tub with my bare-hands (OK, I used a sledgehammer) and then cutting out rotten timbers and replacing them. Urrr. Arggh!

Since then, we have graduated to more civilized pursuits. I was hoping to next show a completed bathroom, with my wife oohing and aahing over her wonderful husband who rewarded her on her 40th anniversary with a newly completed bathroom. Well, it was a nice idea. But I don’t quite fly that way.

I’m still working on it. I got 3/4 of the floor done. I got the tub in; well, the plumber got the tub in. I got most of the plumbing for the tub in. I got the toilet in! And I have the sinks in and the cabinets that hold the sinks in….

Funny thing about those sinks and those faucets. They work. My wife can always count on me to be functional. I’m not always pretty, but I’m functional, that’s a fact. I went home today at lunch and finished up the plumbing for the faucets and turned them on. They’re the kind that have a single handle lever that you turn to the front and they turn on; you turn them to the side and they’re off. But in our case, ours decided to do the opposite. When we turned them to the front, they turned off. When we turned them to the side, they turned on. Hey they work, at least that’s what I would tell my wife. And I know what she would tell me. So I know I will be tearing the cabinets apart again tonight.

But they work….At least right now they do. Can’t guarantee they will tomorrow.