Almost, But Not Quite There

OK, I’ll admit that I’ve been stalling.
I’ve been hoping that I could make this big splash and announce that I was officially done with my months-long construction bathroom project that started with me clearing out the clog in the pipes of a bathroom sink, led to me tearing out the walls and ended up with a total overhaul of the room three months later. The last time you saw anything about it, it looked like this:

It doesn't look like much, but that's where our tub was, and where a lot of my work has been for the past few weeks.

If you don’t recognize it, this should be a picture of the hole in my bathroom floor after I replaced rotten cross timbers and under flooring. Then I spent time trying to make the floor back into a floor. Much to my pride (or to my chagrin) I only had to get help for one thing on the entire project, and that was installing the tub, and that was based on the wise advice of our friends at Home Depot. (By the way, Home Depot and Lowe’s both know us very well by now, and pretty much own us at this point!).

New sinks. Yay!
New sinks. Yay!

But since you were involved at the point at the photo above, I wanted to show you where I am now. Last night, I hoped to put up the last of the sheet rock, but alas, it was not to be. We still have a glitch to work out, and so it will be put off a bit. In the meantime, here’s a glance at our new sinks and our tub and shower enclosure (which is completed by now).

Shower enclosure going in (looks better now without the boards).
Shower enclosure going in (looks better now without the boards).

We have a big event coming at the end of next week, with about 40 students expected at our house, so that’s been the motivating force to get the job done. I always seem to work better under deadline, even though the pressure hasn’t made me a very happy camper to live with.

In any case, I will be happy to move on to other projects very soon. I am already able to talk about writing projects, which I will be sharing here very soon.

BTW, if you haven’t caught the video I shared yesterday (The Price of a Free Lunch), make sure you see it. It’s phenomenal.

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