More Wag, Less Bark

I am getting more and more disillusioned with Facebook. It seems like every time I go on there, someone has an axe to grind, someone has to argue a point, someone wants to prove that they are right and everyone else is wrong. It just gets depressing.

Somewhere we got the idea that argumentation was the way you convince people to change their ways, but I suspect that all it does is alienate them. After a certain point they stop hearing your words and all they hear is your tone of voice.

That’s not to say that we don’t need to know when something’s wrong. We all need to be warned when there is danger, or when we are making a mistake. But there is also such a thing as free choice, and especially here in the United States, we should be celebrating rather than condemning such a concept. I choose my candidate for President, and so do you. That doesn’t mean either one of us is evil…or an idiot.

Politics isn’t limited to the presidential campaign, even though each time around seems to get bloodier than the one before. Even in our own church a recent decision by the world church to disallow women’s ordination still rankles a lot of people who continue hashing and rehashing the decision. The anger roils in their guts and doesn’t do anyone any good. My view? Let’s do away with ordination altogether and we’ll ALL be ministers!

So what’s my point? I’m tired of all the bickering. If it means I have to drop out of society and move to a desert island, get my mail from a P.O. Box or better yet, a carrier pigeon, so be it. But let’s find some positives in life and in each other. Let’s not try to make each other into carbon copies (showing my age here!) of ourselves, because we wouldn’t be happy with that either. Instead, let’s celebrate diversity, and be thankful that God loves variety in life. We should too.