News about #Free Stuff

Yeah, I put the pound sign in front of free, ‘cuz that’s what you’re supposed to do these days, right?

But the reality is, sales are a little sluggish these days–not quite the holidays, and people are saving their pennies, you know how it is–so I decided to give some books away to stir the pot, so to speak. So here’s what I’m offering:


Chosen: The Story of the First Prince of Israel

This is a good, fun, exciting book that I know you will like. It’s got swordfights, giants, romance, beheadings, betrayals, huge battle scenes, palace intrigue, you get the picture. And it’s free today and tomorrow on Amazon. Surely you know someone who would like this for a Christmas gift. Don’t hesitate.

heretic front onlyNEXT MONDAY and TUESDAY

The Heretic (Second Book in The Champion Trilogy)

Yeah, I know. It’s the second book in the series. But it’s very good. If you haven’t read The Champion yet, it’s the story of a pastor who asks God to be used in a bigger way, and ends up running for his life. The Heretic follows him after he escapes from prison and begins to build an army of followers on the streets. Sound interesting? It’s free on Amazon.


If Tomorrow Comes

If you’ve ever wondered what the last six months of earth’s history will be like, here’s my version. This is the story of a family who decides to stay true to what they believe is right despite overwhelming pressures by the world to give in. Free on Amazon.

Don’t say I never gave you anything for free.