The Art of Levitation

isI had my usual dream last night. Of course, when you’re dreaming, everything is real. It’s not only real, in fact, it’s common sense. It’s very obvious that if I only concentrate I can raise myself off the floor and float free in the air. Levitation.

I’ve had the dream for years in various forms, but every time I have it, I truly believe that the secret to doing it is simply concentrating. I believe if I go into a certain part of my mind and focus, I will be able to raise my body off the ground. Of course, common logic dictates that isn’t so, but when did common logic play a part in dreaming?

Over the years, I’ve read books on dreams and dreaming, and come to the conclusion that symbolism in dreams means whatever you think it means to you. In other words, most of the time you already know what it represents. And in my case, I’m thinking levitation has to do with creativity. Too often we let rational thought hold us down on the ground and limit us. We tell ourselves to not even consider other options, like the ability to fly. But if we were to consider those options, as far fetched as they might seem, imagine what doors that might open to us.

Pretty cool what our dreams can teach us, eh?