Draft Day

635874511727728594-SW29-DRAFT-0421-55555501It’s the day I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Actually, it’s a special day for two reasons.

One, because the National Football League is having its annual Draft Day where teams go round-robin and choose college players who will be joining their teams as new players. My favorite NFL team is the Oakland Raiders. And after years of abuse and jokes about how my team has occupied the basement of the league, we are ready to challenge teams for the playoffs. All we need are a few more good players. I am eager to see how well Reggie McKenzie, our general manager, does when it comes to picking talent. It starts tonight.

The second part of the day I’ve been looking forward to has to do with my writing. It’s time to start a new book.

I always go through a time of waffling just before I launch a new project. Even though I tell others what I plan on doing, when it comes down to it, I start thinking, is that really what I want to do? Do I know enough to write that? Is it inspiring enough? Will it be appealing enough to sell a few copies? This is the last week of classes, and finals are next week. I have things pretty much under control, so yesterday I took some time and started storylining a couple of possibilities that I had mulled over in my head. And to my relief, it looks like the book I had originally planned on working on–Tesla’s Ghost–will be my project for the summer.

Now, on the NFL’s Draft Day, I have a Draft Day of my own. I have the honor of making characters come alive.

I will keep you posted.