Almost There

Well, yesterday was a godsend. I got an incredible amount of writing done, and at the end of the day I found myself just three chapters away from having my first draft of Tesla’s Ghost completed.

Of course, the way I write, I’ve saved the hardest chapters for last, but that’s probably to be expected. I’ve written the climax to the modern era story. Now I have to write the climax to the Tesla portion and the Epilogue. I am going to try to write the Epilogue today and finish the last two chapters tomorrow afternoon when I have a chunk of time available.

Then I will have it (at least in very rough form) completely in front of me. I’m already thinking of a dozen different things I need to change, but I will set it aside, as I know I need to, for several weeks. Then I can come back to it with fresh eyes and start my second draft.

There is still lots of work to do, but it is such a relief to be so close to have a complete draft done!