Spring Break, 2017

One of the perks of being a college professor is getting to enjoy spring break just like my students do. Of course, there’s still lots of work I could be doing, but just like my students, I choose to ignore it, at least for a week.

But for me, spring break is what used to be called a “busman’s holiday” for me. My wife and I in the past have done some road trips in past years. One year we went to Santa Fe and Taos for the week. Another time we drove through Vicksburg, Chattanooga, and got as far as Gatlinburg, Tennessee before we turned back and came home. And we enjoyed those trips. But with retirement just three years away, we know that we will have plenty of opportunity for travel in years to come.

That’s why this year’s spring break will be spent at home. Shelly is taking the week off for me, which is surprising, workaholic that she is. And we have painting my daughter’s bedroom and putting in new flooring as part of the agenda. In addition, I am going to lasso Shelly into helping me do our taxes. Doesn’t sound like fun, but it will be good to have them done.

Finally, I just printed off Tesla’s Ghost. My first edit is done, and it is time to read it out loud to Shelly, who hasn’t read or heard it yet. I am eager to see how she responds. Will she ask for more, or will she fall asleep in the middle of it? We’ll know soon enough. I printed it off on paper, because as I read it, I like to make marks on the paper if I see anything that needs fixing.

I will keep in touch in the next week and tell you how it goes. I’ll also be doing some reading, so you can expect some more reviews as well.