Wherefore Art Thou, Tesla?

Some of you may be wondering what is happening with my book, Tesla’s Ghost. Some of you may not be wondering at all. Some of you may be wondering who Tesla is.

In any case, I just finished my second edit of the book, which consisted of reading the manuscript aloud to my wonderful, patient wife this week. Reading aloud helps me see lots of mistakes I otherwise would miss, and I heartily recommend it to authors.

My next step is to incorporate the changes I marked during the read, then send copies out to my three Beta readers I have hand selected. They will tell me whether there is any hope for the manuscript or whether I should just go ahead and end my life now and be done with it….

After that, my plan is to do another serious edit. Following that, I plan on sending it out to a list of agents.

We’ll see where that takes us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?