Heads Up: It’s Giveaway Time

In all the recent focus on getting The Key of Solomon started, I almost forgot to tell you about a giveaway for Salome’s Charger happening on Goodreads. In case you didn’t know, Salome’s Charger is the prequel to The Key of Solomon, co-authored by top-notch writer Celeste perrino Walker, and she’s the one giving away two free books. All you have to do to get in on the drawing on May 15 is make sure your name is on the list. Here’s the link.

I am slowly hearing back from beta readers regarding Tesla’s Ghost–not fast enough, of course–but in the meantime, I am on chapter two of The Key of Solomon. Shelly and I will be doing some traveling come next weekend, so my goal is to get a chunk done before that time. I will keep you informed.

But yeah. Make sure you get in on that drawing for Salome’s Charger.