The Writing’s Done. Now the Work Begins

This morning, at exactly 7:15 a.m., I wrote the word END on my novel The Key of Solomon. I have finished the first draft of my latest book.

Now the hard work begins.

Some people love the rewrite process. I’m not one of them. I draw energy from the creative expression that comes the first time around. Everything after that, for me, is anticlimax.

But I know that rewriting, along with everything else that comes afterward in the book producing process–putting together prepages, checking and double checking facts, finding and working with an editor, arrange for beta readers and reviewers, formatting pages, coming up with a marketing plan, working with a cover designer, working with the ebook and print-on-demand companies–is absolutely necessary.

It’s like marriage. The honeymoon is great, the wedding is terrific. But neither one is the wedding. You have to take the bill paying, the trips to the laundromat and the dirty dishes along with the romantic dinners. They are all part and parcel to the whole package.

I’ve been here before. Oh yes, believe me I have. So I know what I am in for. I am going to take a breather, clean out my pool (my writing binge has resulted in green gunk I have to get rid of now), and then get back to the first rewrite.

And then, of course, everything else.