Turning the Page

This was a busy weekend.

Last night I played Santa. I mean, literal Santa, with the white beard, extra padding and red suit. I was Santa at our University Christmas party. I was nervous beforehand, but it ended up being loads of fun. Some of the kids got up in my lap, no problem. Some of them were terrified: you could see it in their wide eyes, so I didn’t push them too far. And then there were the older kids who rolled their eyes and were just too cool to even come close to me. But it was all very fun. Hot, but fun.

The rest of the time, I did two books signings, spent six hours as deacon-in-charge at my church on Saturday, and got my name, story and picture in the paper. Oh yeah, there was a big spread of me in the local Cleburne Times-Review on Saturday. Took 1/3 of the front page and all of page eight. I would say it must be a slow news day, but it overshadowed the topping-off ceremony my own university was having for their new building. Embarrassing to get that kind of exposure, but I hope it helps the university, my department, and helps sell some books.

And this was the weekend for giveaways on Amazon. I gave away more than 70 free ebooks for those who were willing to download the new book, The Key of Solomon. I am hoping that will turn into some reviews and keep the ball rolling. We will see.

And finals start today. With finals, I need to start thinking ahead. Thinking about next semester’s classes–getting ready for them–and my next book.

I already have it written. It’s called Tesla’s Ghost, you may have heard me talk about it before, but you will be hearing more about it in weeks to come. The cover will be designed in mid-January, and my plan is to come out with it on March 1. While The Key of Solomon is decidedly spiritual, Tesla is less so, more sci-fi, so it will call for a different marketing approach. We will see what happens.

In any case, stay posted for more information.