Upwrapping a New Cover

I’ve never been the kind who can keep a secret very well. Our usual Christmas routine is that Shelly tells me what she wants and I get it for her. OR, more likely, she says, “let me go pick it out,” and I agree. Boring, I know.

Well, I’m sitting on a secret that’s driving me crazy. Thursday, Feb. 1 (it is Feb. 1, isn’t it?) is the official unveiling for the cover to Tesla’s Ghost, the first book in my new science fiction series that begins with the story of Nikola Tesla, and continues through modern day and into a few years into the future. Once again, I’ve worked with Lori Follett at Hell Yes Designs to create a great (no terrific) cover, and I am counting the days until I share it with you.

Then there comes another month until the official release of the book itself. That will drive me crazy, I know it. But that’s my marketing month, and I have to let people know that the book exists.

The good news is that February is a short month.

See you Thursday!