Yes, it’s good news. No, I didn’t win.

Well, sort of.

This is the first year that I have actively pursued writing awards. I blame it on my colleagues Kyle Portbury and Mike Agee, one an award-winning filmmaker and the other an award-winning radio broadcaster. I have to work with these two bozos every day. Whenever Kyle does a short film, he goes out of his way to submit it to as many contests and competitions as he can. That does two things: first, it gives us as professors credibility (if we win), and second, it gives our communication program credibility with our potential students.

So yeah, I drank the Kool-Aid this year, and applied to four contests. Writing contests are not like film competitions. I think Kyle applied to like 30 of them. Each of mine costs anywhere from $25 to $150, so I don’t think I’m going to do thirty of them.

And this afternoon, the first one came back. And the results were pretty good. Drum roll please….

My book The Key of Solomon was named Award Finalist for the category of Thriller: Religious in the 2018 American Fiction Awards.

Sounds pretty impressive when I say it that way. And that’s just the way I’m going to tell the boys back in the office.

The other three contests announce their results on September 1. Let’s see who the award winners are then…