News from Columbia, Maryland

Celeste Perrino, my partner-in-crime and co-author of Salome’s Charger, helped me man our booth at the Society of Adventist Communicators meetings in Columbia, Maryland.

I’m sitting in our booth, trying to sell books, at the annual national convention for the Society of Adventist Communicators in Columbia, Maryland. At home in Texas, it’s still raining after pummeling us for a week, and I see news reports of massive flooding. Here, I wake up to ice on the windshield.

I just sold the entire Champion Trilogy to a fellow from It Is Written in southern California, which means three fewer books for me to carry home. Earlier, a female college student from the West Indies, now living in Maryland, wanted the same set but told me she didn’t have the money right now. I told her that I would give her my business card and the books. When she finished them, she could pay me. Better yet, just post a review on Amazon. She was profusely grateful.

This has been a good trip. I’ve seen a lot of former students here, as well as people I have worked with over the past 40 years. The convention draws them from all over. I am still looking for Miguel Valdivia, a former editing colleague of mine at Pacific Press, and now the VP for editorial there. I haven’t seen him in 20 years, but I heard he was around, so I’m watching for him.

Probably the biggest plus has been seeing the young adults who are here, both to learn and to present. I’ve been exceedingly impressed by their energy, devotion to the ministry of the gospel, and their imagination. At the same time, I’ve seen what a gap has developed between where as I am as a 60-something communicator and this new wave of innovators. It make me want to start some sort of kickstarter campaign to help them in their ministries. The things we grumble about, lack of interest by the public, lack of results, lack of sales or money, is pervasive. It makes the pain a little better knowing you’re not alone.

I will have to say the trip has been a shot in the arm for me. There are many like me who are doing this, not to become famous or make money, but because we are called to do it. It’s inspiring to hear their stories. And I am flying back to Texas on Sunday with many more ideas to share and perhaps utilize myself.

We will see.