Where do you bury the bodies?

NaNoWriMo is coming along swimmingly. So far, I’m ahead of schedule. I’m not killing myself off, both because I don’t have to and because I don’t want the quality of my writing to suffer (too much).

But I wanted to take a moment to think about projects that didn’t make the cut. Sometimes you write something you think is pretty good, only to have the audience go, Meh. You can bury it. You can be stubborn, like I usually am, and try to sell it anyway. Or you can share it for free.

Tesla’s Ghost is that way. I still think it’s a pretty good book. But for some reason, it died on the vine. I still have a dozen copies in my library at home. And then I made the mistake of thinking it was good enough to write a sequel. I got a hundred pages into The Last War and realized I was only fooling myself. Tesla had gotten zero (as in NO) reviews, hardly any sales, and I couldn’t get anyone interested in the sequel at all. It might be because I picked a subject that people weren’t interested in. It might be because I was writing outside my genre. And it might be, as my wife thinks, the title Tesla’s Ghost, scared people away.

So I’m still in the process of determining how I can use these two (one and a half, actually) books. I have some short stories collected already, and I might take some excerpts from these two books to flesh out the collection.

In the meantime, I’m committed to Soul Survivor.