Surveying the Wreckage of Another Year

We’re in the middle of final exams at my university. I’m also in the middle of a book launch. Actually, two book launches if you count the one that is being handled by Pacific Press in the Adventist Book Center system. In addition, I’m head deacon at an exceptionally busy church.

So the past six weeks have been much like the Normandy Invasion to me: some excitement, but more than anything, just trying to endure it and get to the other side.

The church responsibilities have includes several baptisms where I was responsible for making sure the baptismal tank was filled, the water was warm and then drained afterward, training two new deacons, a massive annual Resurrection Pageant that draws thousands of visitors each year (I just coordinated the offering, gave directions and dumped trash, but I was there 14 hours), our university’s Alumni Homecoming weekend, and a concert or two. I’m pretty much over that stuff.

Final exams consist mostly of showing up, making sure they students show up and don’t cheat, and lots of grading. I did have an incident yesterday when the exam wasn’t loaded into the computer properly, so I had to delay the exam 15 minutes while I did what I should have done days before, but the students were very patient. Graduation is Sunday, so that’s a blessing.

And the book by Pacific Press–To the Last Man–hasn’t even shown up in the stores yet, even though they introduced it in January. Hmm. Not sure what I can do to promote that. The other book, my indie publication Soul Survivor, comes out officially tomorrow, but you can see it listed on Amazon today. Funny how that works.

I’m trying something different with Soul Survivor. It’s the first of a series. I’m so convinced that you will fall in love with the story and its main character, Connie Simescu, that I am offering the ebook for 99 cents for a limited time. You heard it here first. No gimmicks, but tell your friends!

Anyway, you’ll be hearing more about Soul Survivor in days to come.