The Root of All Evil

People say that the Root of All Evil is the love of money. But I’ll wager that it’s just money, period. The fact that we need it, and most of us don’t have it.

Right now, it’s pretty much running my life. And I’m sick of it.

I’m not writing right now. Okay, I’ve admitted it. Partly because I haven’t found a book project that has inspired me, partly because I’ve gotten burned on the last couple of projects that I’ve written. And partly because my mind is on other money issues.

Retirement is right around the corner for me, you see. Technically, I could retire as soon as November: that is, month after next. I will start bringing in social security benefits at that point. But there comes that money thing again. Got bills that still need paying. And the university where I teach still wants me here, and they DO pay me, so it sounds like I should hang around for a while.

Shelly and I have calculated and recalculated how long, and we still don’t have a definitive answer. One year? Two years? Three? I swear it won’t be more than three. My goal is to have all my bills paid off by the time we retire.

And so that’s overshadowed everything else, including my writing. I’d like to write what I want and not worry whether it sells or not, but for some reason that’s important to me. Vanity, I guess. Or maybe I’ve just a pragmatist.

But right now I’m stuck in the doldrums and hoping I can get going with something, anything pretty soon.