It’s Giveaway Week!

With all the gloom and doom around us, in an age when we are told to stay indoors and not socialize, it sounds like a good book could be a great friend. With this in mind, I decided this would be a great week to do some giveaways. So here they are:

Today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday), I am giving away the ebook Soul Survivor. It’s my latest book and tells the story of 19-year-old prodigy Connie Simescu. Six weeks after surviving a kidnapping she decides to return to college at the University of Texas in Austin, despite her parents’ objections. What she doesn’t know is that the billionaire who is behind her kidnapping is still after her. She also meets up with some very strange street heroes called The Heretics, someone you might recognize from my Champion series.

Monday and Tuesday I will be giving away Tesla’s Ghost, my science fiction book that has to do with the life of Nikola Tesla. It tells the story of Tesla’s righthand man in the 1890s and his great grandson in modern day. They are bonded by a secret discovery that could change the world forever,

Thursday and Friday the giveaway will be The Key of Solomon. It’s my award-winning book that tells about the book of ancient occult wisdom Solomon supposedly collected. The story is told from the perspective of people in the biblical time of Paul, as well as an investigative reporter in Austin in modern day, as well as his girlfriend in Egypt, who is hired to translate a message that may lead to the Key.

All of these are available on Amazon. Just click on the titles above to go to their sites.