A Red/Blue State of Mind

Yeah, I know. By this time, you’re sick and tired of all the political talk.

Well, frankly so am I. I live in a red state (Texas) with a distinctly blue family (at least the ones under my roof). And sadly, even though the election is over (yay!), I suspect that Facebook and Twitter will be filled with the same conservatives are bad/liberals are bad rhetoric that we heard for the past four years and that rose to a fever pitch this past few months.

I voted for Biden, and I am glad he won, even though I wish we could have turned Texas blue…but who am I kidding? He’s already talking about a flurry of executive actions to counter the executive actions that Trump did that countered what Obama did. Sigh. Will we never learn?

The one thing that I’m mostly looking forward to is Biden’s goal of reuniting the country after such divisive rhetoric for four years. I don’t know if he can do it, but I will support him if he tries. I am just tired of all the fighting, as I suspect most of America is. As most of the world is.

Even if you didn’t vote for him, all I ask is that you give him a chance. I think he deserves that much.