Announcing: Book #24 “The Serpent and the Dove”

In case you haven’t been listening, my latest book, The Serpent and the Dove, is now available on Amazon as a paperback and available for advance purchase as an ebook. The actual ebook comes out on Amazon and other online stores on Monday, May 10.

This book is the second in my Heretics series, following the book Soul Survivor, which focuses on Connie Simescu, a college sophomore attending the University of Texas in Austin. It’s an experiment because I wanted to bring characters from two other series together into one series, and so far it’s working. Connie meets up with The Heretics, led by Harris Borden, the main characters presented in my Champion series. She decides that she wants to join them. And Connie herself is the younger sister of Maddie Simms, the professor who plays an important role in the Foundation series with books like Salome’s Charger and The Key of Solomon.

In The Serpent and the Dove, Harris Borden has been challenged by an international coalition of Christian leaders to start training Heretic teams that will operate in other countries. But before they can come to the United States to train, all three teams are killed. That leads the Heretics to realize that someone with a lot of resources is after them. They go underground and start looking for the bad guys. At the same time, a man named Veritas appears with the unusual ability to control others through scent.

Where is this all going? Well, I’m going to give you a special opportunity to find out very soon. For those who haven’t read Soul Survivor and want to read the first book first (funny how that works), I’m offering the ebook at a special price of 99 cents until mid-May so that you can get caught up. In addition, when Serpent comes out on May 10, I will offer it for 99 cents as well for two weeks.

Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your enemies! This is an offer you can’t refuse.

I do have a warning, however: The Serpent and the Dove ends on a cliffhanger. I do intend to have Book #3 out by the end of summer. So don’t kill me yet!

Let me know what you think of the book.