The Clock Is Ticking…

Just a quick reminder that if you haven’t picked up your ebook copy of either Soul Survivor (Book 1 of my new Heretics series) or The Serpent and the Dove (Book 2, which just came out Monday), time’s a wastin’. They’re being offered on Amazon at the low, low price of 99 cents each this week. Next week they go up to their regular price.

Marketing isn’t my strong suit, and I hate to beat my own drum, but I have already started work on Book 3. Don’t have a title yet. Well, I do, but not one that I am settled on. I am currently working on outlines and will probably actually starting writing in the next few weeks.

In other news, I officially…officially...retire on June 30. But I am out of the classroom and as far as I know am finished with committee responsibilities. Yesterday I had lunch with my department amigos, with one of them leaving for a job at Pepperdine University and another being considered for a job on the east coast. So the entire band is being broken up. The reality of retirement is settling down on me. Yesterday we finally finished signing up for all our health care insurance, so that’s taken care of. We recently got the roof done on our house, and now are trying to get the house painted and new gutters installed. In addition, we’re trying to sell my wife’s car and buy a new one. So that’s pretty much what my life is like right now.

So, with a few distractions, I will be getting on with my writing life in the next few weeks. But remember: my writing means nothing if you’re not there to read them. Make sure you check them out. I will keep you posted.