Stranger Things Have Happened

Summer. Ah, yes, I remember it well. Seems like only yesterday. But hmm, well, summer’s gone, and school starts, well I guess it’s officially started. Classes start Monday and we welcomed freshmen to the campus last night. So just like all those good intentions I will have on my deathbed, whatever I planned for the … More Stranger Things Have Happened

Something To Say

I had a journalism student–who shall remain nameless–quite a few years ago, who was a marginal student. He did just enough to get by. I found myself constantly having to push him to put enough effort into classes just to pass the class, and I worried about what his career would be like when he … More Something To Say

Rude Awakening

It’s been a slow beginning to summer. Graduation was last Sunday, and even though I have been looking forward to being free of classes for weeks (months?), the many duties and obligations that have shackled me have kept my mind strapped down more than I care to admit. I told myself that Monday–last Monday–would mark … More Rude Awakening

Affirmation vs. Propaganda: Mythology in Storytelling

After a dry spell of a couple of months, I finally got another review today on Amazon. Of course, the problem with reviews is that you can’t guarantee they will be good. The review was for my end time book, If Tomorrow Comes, and states simply, “The story would be interesting if it wasn’t basically … More Affirmation vs. Propaganda: Mythology in Storytelling

What About Honor?

I was listening to National Public Radio on the way to work this morning, and they were talking about the prevalence of performance enhancing drugs among Russian athletes in the Olympics and how reports showed that this was monitored and sanctioned by their anti-doping organization there. No surprises there, as there’s a common myth about … More What About Honor?

Making Lemonade

I was an exceptionally gawky kid growing up. Blame it on being a fast grower. Blame it on not having a father who played ball with me. Blame it my disinterest in sports. But I was uncoordinated. My older cousin, Bob, who played college baseball was as close to a jock that my extended family … More Making Lemonade