Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Workshop

We’re on the other side of two monumental responsibilities of mine. (who-hoo!) The deadline for high schoolers to turn in their four-minute videos in the 48-hour film challenge at our University was 90 minutes ago. At the same time, the University website, the project that has obsessed me since Christmas, has been put to bed and will become public Wednesday at 3 p.m. Central Time (if you’re curious, you’ll be able to see it in all its splinters and glory at

imagesThat doesn’t mean I don’t have stuff to do. Oh no. We have four weeks of classes left, and then finals. This is crunch time at Southwestern. But the Insanity Clause (what? you heard there’s no such thing as an Insanity Clause?) and the corresponding lack of sleep is going bye-bye. We have a red-carpet premier for the 48-hour film challenge tomorrow night, but all I really have to do is put on a suit, show up, and maybe snap a few pictures.

So that gives me pause to look around me at the wreckage that used to be my online self-publishing career. Funny thing about being self-employed; when you don’t pay attention to it, nothing happens. And sometimes worse than nothing. I’ve been watching the numbers on Amazon go down, down, down. And it’s been months since I got a review on one of my books. So now that I have the University taken care of, guess I need to start cracking. Sleep, think, then do. First things first, however. Blog. Get in touch with those of you who still remember who I am. Oh yeah, that guy who used to write books. Funny…he looks more like a professor these days.

Well, plan on seeing more of me around from this point on. Forgive my tardiness.