Out of Sight, Out of My Mind

I’ve been meaning to get back here for quite a while, but real life has been quite a taskmaster lately. We’ve been trying to launch a new university website and I have been working weekends and every spare moment to get it caught up. This morning at 10 a.m. was the drop-dead time for all changes to be in. The engineer in Hong Kong was transferring everything on the work site over to the semi-live site in anticipation of us officially going live next week. So at this juncture, there’s nothing more for me to do about it.

And I am properly wasted. All of this has been happening while we conduct our annual Brain Games on our campus, this time sponsored by my own communication department, where we have 10 high school teams arrive last night and give them 48 hours to make a short film. Friday at 7 p.m. is the deadline, and the premier is Saturday night. I worked on the website in my office last night until 12:30 a.m., but high schoolers were in the floor of my hallway outside my office until 2:30 eating snacks and presumably working on their video project. This morning I arrived at 8 and the place was a tomb. Someone later said teams were working til 2:30, then everything got locked up.

Today’s my curriculum committee meeting, in which we were supposed to present our new communication program, but that’s been postponed, so for now, all I have to do is show up. But after all, 90 percent of success, according to Woody Allen, is just showing up….

Of course, at this point, that’s about all I can expect out of my brain.