The behinder I get, the hurrieder I go

So National Novel Writing Month is entering its second week, and I am behind schedule.

What, me worry?

Not anymore. I toughed it out today and got within a couple a thou words of where I am supposed to be. Not sure of the quality of the writing, but hey. What can you expect?

I started a steampunk novel because (1) I heard on Twitter that they were hot and in demand; and (b) I wondered if I could write one. Turns out I can, sort of. My idea of steampunk has little to do with Victorian England and much more to do with pre-WWI Europe and cowboys, lots and lots of cowboys. But the main idea is to have fun, and at least the premise of the story works, sort of.

But on the issue of being hot, well maybe not so much. I talked with one small publisher who told me that what I was writing wasn’t “proper” steampunk, what he referred to as “gaslight steampunk.” So he nicely referred me to a friend, who writes what he refers to as “weird westerns.” Well, my story is only partly Western, with much of its happening in New York, London, Paris and Vienna. So not sure where that falls. The second guy read my first chapter and then told me that he wasn’t doing books right now, that the book market was “awful” right now. So there goes my motivation.

So I guess I am back to writing for myself. “All by myself…don’t want to be….all by myself, anymore.”

In any case, I am moving faster than I was. And I am pretty confident that I will be done on time.


2 thoughts on “The behinder I get, the hurrieder I go

  1. Well, as to steampunk being simply located in gas-lamp London, the idea of exactly what Steampunk can and can’t be is changing. Take the new novel Boneshaker, for example. It is very steampunk, but it is all set in America.

    Yes, steampunk is about steam-based or mechanical technology in place of other conventional tech, especially digital, but it is also the prevalence of said tech in society. Little bits of this wild tech could be found anywhere and everywhere.

    Make steampunk your own, and I think your story will be awesome. 🙂

    Oh, and the book industry is always falling apart. It doesn’t make getting work out there easy, but somebody has got to do it, right?

    I may not be behind schedule, but it is getting tougher to crank out the word count. I don’t know why. It doesn’t help that I think I’m going into a tougher section of the book, with a lot more dialogue than the action-y section I went through earlier.

    I’ll be keeping track of me progress, and I’ll post another update blog at the end of this week too! 🙂

  2. Don’t what steampunk is either, but with the word “punk” in it, I figure it’s for the younguns, not an senior citizen like me. Hope you finish the novel, with all those exciting settings, I’d like to read it. Good luck. If publishing book-length novels is “awful,” a collection of essays is worse than awful, but I keep writing them anyway. Cuz, that’s what it means to be a writer–writing because you have to in order to stay sane, or somewhat sane anyway.

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