Onward and upward

Got two good writing days in with National Novel Writing Month, and I am finally above the daily average necessary to get to 50K by Nov. 30. My goal for today was to hit 20K and I am at 20174. So good for me!

Actually I learned last year that I can write pretty fast if I push all other things out of the way. That, of course, is the rub. Especially with National Novel Writing Month coming in the middle of a semester. I will be ending nanowrimo within a couple of weeks of finals.

I especially worry about the three students who have signed on to do this as well. I just hope they keep some perspective in all of this. NaNo’s come and go, but education comes first.

I also read this morning that when you hit 20K and then 30K you get a burst of energy. I think they’re right. But also I see that by that point you should have the details worked out for your story, so things just move more easily in the story.

In any case, things are looking up. I just got to keep going.



One thought on “Onward and upward

  1. Ack! You’ve almost caught up with me!!! Must… write… more….

    Heh. But yeah, trying to keep up with school work at the same time is the taxing part. Definitely.

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