Hello? Hellllllooooooooo???

I am almost ashamed to post any message here. I’ve been MIA for quite a while, swallowed up by real life.

What’s interesting is that it’s the same old story. I can crank out words pretty fast, and don’t need a lot of free time to do so. But there is a No Vacancy sign on my brain, and it’s been there for several months. Classes have been light, which has prompted the University administration to ask/expect/demand me to spend more time writing articles for the University, do recruiting trips, and working on the school’s new website. Even now, I find that I can’t focus enough to even read a book it seems. On top of that, I’m having eye problems. First, my eyes seemed to get tired after only about half an hour of reading or computer work. Now I have an incessant twitch in my left eye and both of them burn pretty much all the time. I blame the website work. But it just as easily could be getting old. Or nuclear fallout. Or sunspots.

In any case, I find myself at the end of the semester, listening to students making final presentations, polishing up the old final exams, and counting the seconds until I am a free man. Next semester I will not only be teaching my Media Writing class and two and a half other communication classes, but will have a new, exciting English class called Narrative Writing that I will be teaching. I think it is going to be a trip. Out of the six students, four are English majors. I suspect that they will have a rude awakening when they take a writing class from a communication professor, because I definitely won’t be teaching writing in the way they are used to. All in all, it’s going to be interesting.

I am almost done prepping syllabi for Spring Semester. I have two textbooks to read in the next three weeks. Other than that, I look forward to rediscovering my identity as a writer. The website is, for the purposes of my involvement, over and done. The same can be said for the magazine. Now I can let the creative juices flow again. If only I could find the dad-blamed spigot….

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