Getting my act together

Playtime is over.

I had a rough semester. The last week was a killer, punctuated by final exams, four recruitment presentations, putting a magazine to bed, graduation and a major septic problem at my house. It’s one thing to be productive when you have lots on your plate; try doing that when all of your toilets are overflowing. Interesting.

But I survived that week, and that semester. And then I took last week and did pretty much nothing. Well, I can’t say nothing. I got some Christmas shopping done, spent time with my kids, and got to level 66 in Lord of the Rings Online.

But now the time to kick back has been left behind. I’d probably still be fighting orcs in Mirkwood or watching Band of Brothers for the 87th time if it were not for my son being here with us. He’s visiting from Nebraska, here to help me kick start my latest project–a graphic novel. I’ve spent the past four years writing a three-book novel series entitled The Champion. You’ve probably heard me mention it more than once. And all the way along, I’m thinking that perhaps the best medium to tell this story would be a graphic novel. Trouble is, I am no artist. I can’t even draw a stick man.

But Matt has creative ability I will never have, and he is very visually minded. So he played around with taking photos and turning them into images that could be used in a graphic novel. Like most of the way I run my life these days, it’s all a grand experiment, and we are tweaking it quite a bit, but we seem to be making some progress. I hope to share it on my website soon.

And speaking of website, I invite you to take a look at my revamped website. Working on the graphic novel has convinced me that I need to get serious about my writing as a business. Right now it is at, but very soon it will be simply Why glenchen? Well, it was a nickname I had in Europe while I was in school (little Glen), and was already taken (the travesty!). So it’s short, and hopefully, people will get used to it.

We have lots of other fun stuff in mind. I’ve got a few days left before classes start again, so I hope to be in touch more. Talk to you soon.

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  1. Dr. Robinson, you never fail to make me laugh. Good luck with your graphic novel. See you next semester.

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